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You Will Want to Visit Gorodok Again 

We continue to travel around the Vitebsk Area and this time we invite you to visit Gorodok. This is the town that was chosen as the capital of the 30th Day of Belarusian Writing this year. Welcome to our on-line town tour! Find out what the town of Gorodok is renowned for and get ready for a journey next weekend. Be sure you won’t be bored.

The Region of Blue Lakes, or Visiting Braslav Area – All Inclusive 

To visit different countries, to see new cultures – all this, of course, sounds great and interesting. However, it’s better to keep in mind that we in Belarus have lots of beautiful places which are not inferior in popularity and atmosphere compared to foreign resorts. It’s easy to prove, if you go, for instance, to Braslav Area. And we’re inviting you to join us for our virtual trip.

Vitebsk - City on the Dvina

We suggest you take a guided tour of the city, which was almost completely destroyed during the Great Patriotic War. Despite this, the city was able to rise from the ashes after the end of the war and, moreover, become remarkable as a city of artists, as well as the festival and cultural capital of Belarus. Today we will take a walk around Vitebsk, the history of which is of interest to tourists, and name seven reasons why it is worth visiting the northern region of the country.

Orsha, an Ancient City on the Dnieper River

This time the VV creative team decided to go to the south of the Vitebsk Region. More specifically, we are heading to the city where Uladzimir Karatkievich, one of the most prominent and most original Belarusian writers of the 20th century, was born and raised. No doubt you have already guessed where we are. You have hit it right, we are in Orsha, in a city situated on the Dnieper River.
Many of us consider this city the largest railway junction in the country. It is a district centre and notable for its rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Orsha is also the location of the largest Belarusian linen textile manufacturer. Let's get this started!

Chashniki District – A Stone's Throw To New Experiences

Today we invite you to view a virtual tour of the Chashniki District, which is called the land of vast lakes, where skilled potters live, and which is the birthplace of the Belarusian book printer Vasily Tyapinsky, the writers Yanka Zhurba and Gennady Pashkov and the Nobel Prize winner Zhores Alferov.‎

Pearls of Lepel Area

Lew Sapieha, the birthplace of Tsmok, the unique nature … It is the Lepel Area that never ceases to amaze. We continue to introduce our readers to the most fascinating and picturesque places of our homeland of Belarus.

Glubokoye Belarusian Venice

Glubokoye is the cherry capital of Belarus, where a festival dedicated to this berry is held every year. We have written a lot about this cherry festival, so we will not focus on it. There are enough attractions here even without cherries. We invite you to take a virtual tour of Glubokoye. Believe us, you won't regret it. 

Polotsk welcomes guests

Polotsk is the most ancient city in Belarus. Having visited it once, you can’t help but grow fond of this unique city - the cradle of the Belarusian statehood. Shrines, parks, museums will allow nobody to stay indifferent!

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